Tactical Battle System in Javascript



The following is a collection of plugins that are part of the main project. This list is sorted based on the recommended order of their placement in the RPG Maker plugin manager. Since the links in the list are directly linked to the main Github, be sure to keep checking this page for the latest versions.

No Plugins RPG Maker MV RPG Maker MZ
1 SRPG_core Download Download
SRPG battle system (tactical battle system) for RPG Maker (tkool) based on SRPG converter.
2 SRPG_RangeControl Download Download
Adds line of sight, modifiable ranges, passability options, zone of control, and terrain-based movement costs for SRPG combat.
3 SRPG_PositionEffects Download Download
Script calls that can be put in damage formulas or lunatic notetags to make skills that push, pull, move, and teleport.
4 SRPG_AoE Download Download
Allows you to define an area of effect for attacks.
5 SRPG_AIControl Download Download
Allows the AI to utilize any Target and AoE skills, and gives you more control over the behavior of different enemies and actors.
6 SRPG_AuraSkill Download Download
This plugin provides several note tags for you to create Aura skills.
7 SRPG_UX_Windows Download Download
Minor improvements to the behavior of windows.
8 SRPG_BattlePrepare Download Download
This plugin allows you to prepare before battle. You can change equipment, see enemy's status, remove or add actors, and switch actor positions in battle Prepare phase.
9 SRPG_BattleUI Download Download
Simple plugin for Battle UI adjustment
10 SRPG_DispHPOnMap Download Download
A plug-in that allows you to display HP on the map during SRPG battles.
11 SRPG_MoveMethod Download Download
This plugin provides more move modes, improved pathfinding that can find the route in all conditions.
12 SRPG_ShowPath Download Download
Draw an arrow to indicate the movement path in SRPG battles.
13 SRPG_Summon Download Download
This plugin allow you to summon events which are copy of events from the summon map (the map with Summon Map ID).
14 SRPG_UX_Cursor Download Download
An assortment of changes and settings for cursor to make combat quicker and cleaner.