Tactical Battle System in Javascript



How do I get support?

The best way to get support is to visit the rpgmakerweb forums where various SRPG Maker users hang out and help each other out.

My game report error and I need help, what shall I report?

When your game reports an error, press F8 to open the console and copy the error message. This provides much more information than the error message on the game screen. Also, describe in detail which situation caused this error. If you wrote some codes that you believe to cause the error, show your code. Make effort to understand, and help us to understand the error, so that we are willing to help.

How do I use script calls in the RMMV script call list to a battler?

You know the event Id of your battler, and want to use other script calls to get its information/do something to this unit, as the script calls given by SRPG_core is limited. To do this, use this function:


It will get the corresponding battler's information, which is an array: [type, battler]

array[0] stores the type of the battler("actor"/"enemy"...), array[1] is the battler, which you can do the script calls in the list.

for example:

  • To gain Tp: $gameSystem.EventToUnit(Id)[1].gainTp(n);
  • To get its name: $gameSystem.EventToUnit(Id)[1].name();
  • Check if it is dead: $gameSystem.EventToUnit(Id)[1].isDead();
  • etc.

How do I enable/disable/add a command?

In SRPG_Core or other plugins, or SRPG_Window, search for keyword: prototype.makeCommandList,

Then just comment out(with //) the commands that you don't want to add. To enable or add a command you may find these instructions helpful:#1,794, #1,797, #1,801.

Show skill message in map battle?

Try this:#1,806 (I didn't test this)

Dance skill?

Try this: #1,752

Features that this plugin doesn't have?

Fog of war, equipment system like that of Fire-emblem, multiple teams melee, support dialogue,  and some more. They are hard to implement, but contribution are always welcome!