Tactical Battle System in Javascript


SRPG Gear MZ Demo

SRPG Gear MV/MZ is a material for creating simulation RPG (Tactical Battle System) in RPG Maker MV/MZ.

The material consists of the main plug-in (SRPG_core), extension plug-ins by multiple creators, and sample games.

Common Terms of Use for plug-ins and sample games

  1. Free of charge.

  2. Copyrights are not waived. The copyrights of the materials belong to their respective copyright holders.

    When using the materials, please indicate the credit

    Creators: Takumi Ariake, Dr.Q, RyanBram (SRPG team), Anchovy, Ebi, Tsumio, Shoukang.

  3. Reporting of use is not required, but the author will be pleased if you do.

Plugin Terms of Use

  1. SRPG_core.js/SRPG_core_MZ.js is released under the MIT License.

  2. There are no restrictions on the scope of use.

    You can use it not only for free games, but also for commercial works or adult-oriented works.

    Modification and redistribution are also permitted under the MIT License.

  3. The included plug-ins are also released under the MIT License, but please check the license of each plug-in for details.

Terms of Use of Sample Games

  1. In principle, the sample games are treated in accordance with the MIT License.

  2. You are free to open the game in an editor and copy the contents.

  3. Redistribution is permitted only for free of charge.

    However, in the case of redistribution with modification, voluntary donations may be accepted.

    When redistributing modified versions of the game, please clearly state that the game is based on this sample game.

  4. Regardless of whether the game has been modified or not, please let us know when you redistribute it.


  1. Basically, there are almost no restrictions, but any behavior unbecoming of a creator is prohibited.

    For example

    • Blatant self-created statements
    • Selling this material as is for a fee
    • Use of the material for the purpose of slander, discrimination, criminal acts, etc.
    • Other acts deemed inappropriate.
  1. Disclaimer

    The creator assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or dispute with a third party resulting from the use of this material.

    In addition, as a rule, please deal with plug-in conflicts by yourself.