Tactical Battle System in Javascript



SRPG Maker is a series of scripts and plugins originally created by Takumi Ariake (有明タクミ) a creator from Japan. He has amazingly created this work for most of the RPG Maker series, starting from RPG Maker XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, and most recently RPG Maker MZ under the name SRPG Gear MZ.

The ease of use by taking advantage of RPG Maker's built-in features made this work so popular that finally user from the English-speaking community translated it into English. This translation causes SRPG Maker to be known more widely to get additional contributions in the form of extensions.

The use of the MIT license for the core plugin and its many extensions makes this work suitable for all needs, whether it's a hobby project or commercial use. The open source license also provides an opportunity for this work to keep maintained even if the contributors come and go one after another, so that the benefits can be felt for a long time.

If you like SRPG Maker and are interested in seeing this work continue to grow, then we are more than happy to accept any contributions.

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